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10th May 2012

The forum has lots of good training material, films and clips. It also has 150 members now.

Welcome to The Ref That's Left's Link Page

Here are some of the places I visit about officiating

BAFRA (British American Football Referee's Association)

Ref Stripes

South East Texas Chapter - Football Officials


And here are other places about British and European American Football

BAFA (British American Football Association)

BAFANL (British American Football Adult League)

BUAFL (British University American Football League)

EFAF (European Fereration of American Football)

Eurobowl (Information about European club competitions)

And when I am not chatting on my own forum I may be hanging out at BAFANL Forum

or watching old film at The Britbowl Film Archive

There are copies of old Reciever magazines here

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